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You are what you eat! This proverbial saying has been around since the dawn of time. Managing thyroid disease can be tough to do, especially if you want to do it all natural. There are ways to reduce symptoms and I’m here to tell you what can also help: CRICKETS! Yep, I said crickets. Did your heart just skip a beat? Stay with me. Using and incorporating Fit Cricket protein powder can help relieve symptoms of your thyroid disease. Let’s learn a little bit more about thyroid disease and then I’ll explain how these noisy, little bugs can help with managing your thyroid condition.

Thyroid Disease or disorders affects the thyroid gland, a butterfly shaped gland (yes, another insect), located at the front of neck. The thyroid is a part of the endocrine system, which is in charge of releasing hormones which then regulates metabolism. The thyroid can either produce too little hormones – hyperthyroidism; or it can produce too much hormone – hypothyroidism. With each condition comes several more specific disorders: Hashimoto’s disease, Graves disease, goiter, and thyroid nodules. With each of these disorders there are medicinal methods to managing the symptoms and disease; however, as we educate ourselves on natural methods and alternative medicine, we can look towards our diet and how it affects this disease.

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There are a few ways to control thyroid issues through what we intake into our body. I’m going to give you just 3 reasons why turning to cricket protein can benefit your daily thyroid symptoms.

1. Gluten Free Living

Living gluten free has become a major trend in dieting and lifestyle changes; but there are some people who HAVE to live gluten free in order to remain healthy. In some studies, Doctors have found improvements to thyroid conditions by switching to a gluten free diet. Finding alternatives has become easier as gluten free living develops, but what about gluten free protein bars? Some cricket companies may have additives that contain wheat based flours, fillers, or added sugar; these companies promote protein in the form of crickets, but lack a gluten free option. Fit Cricket Protein Powder gives options to those living with thyroid disease to have a proper protein additive that is completely gluten free! Add it to your smoothies, gluten free pancakes, or even your coffee in the morning.

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2. Amino Acids / Protein

Diets with a low amount of protein can cause an imbalance and stress on the body, then causing stress to the thyroid gland. Whereas diets with a higher source of protein in the body, say 70-100g of protein daily, can kick start the metabolism and get that thyroid working. Similar to protein intake, the lack of amino acids can also hinder the production of your metabolism and thyroid. The amino acid tyrosine is created from a partner amino acid, phenylalanine. It merges with iodine, an element needed for the thyroid to work properly, to create T3 and T4; these are all vital amino acids to get the thyroid moving. Yes, a lot of information to take in. But, I have something that will help with both the lack of protein and amino acids! Fit Cricket Protein Bars are packed full with protein to get that metabolism moving, and not only that but each cricket contains all the essential amino acids.

Fit Cricket Chocolate Chili Protein Bar

3. Dairy Free Living

Dairy can be a common food trigger for those living with high or low hormone levels. But, there aren’t many studies linking the two together scientifically. It’s more trial and error, and there have been plenty of success stories. Andrea Beaman, discusses how milk creates growth and in order to maintain, and possibly shrink, her enlarged thyroid gland. She explains that removing dairy was an essential decision in order to reduce any more growth to her thyroid.

If you’re looking for a proper, full protein to replace generic store brand protein powders, then look no further than Fit Cricket. Some cricket brands don’t advertise a dairy free product, but Fit Cricket is able to guarantee a dairy free product that is packed with protein.

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Having a thyroid condition can be difficult to manage, but finding the right products to help you on your journey is what it’s all about. Fit Cricket Protein Bars and Powder can be the answer to help reduce and control the growth and development of your thyroid disease. As I said before, you are what you eat. Make sure you’re getting the proper nutrients, protein, and amino acids.

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