Cricket as a superhero

Are you a gym buff? Yoga enthusiast? Or a chronic cold culprit? What if I told you there’s one superfood that can help you with the growth, development and healing of your body? The answer is simple: crickets! Crickets have been an important part of diets all around the world and introducing them to your new diet can help immensely. This superfood is packed full of amino acids that are essential for your body to be as healthy as can be!

Protein is a crucial part of how your body runs and finding the right source of protein for your body can be tough. Fit Cricket’s protein bars and powder can be your quick and easy pop of protein throughout the day. The importance of a proper daily intake of protein is essential in beefing you up, balancing your body and boosting energy levels. Let’s explore why the power of protein can benefit you every day!

First Of All: What Is Protein?

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Protein is a macronutrient, which means that it is a required type of food for the growth and development of your body. Protein works harmoniously with its sibling macronutrients – carbohydrate and fat. Protein is then broken up into nutrients called amino acids; which are considered the building blocks of protein. It’s important for your body to eat foods considered to be high in amino acids because our bodies can’t produce all of the essential amino acids. But, what proteins have all of these essential amino acids that we need? Finding the right protein is crucial in the process of healthy living.

Benefits of Protein

We all have been told our entire lives, “Remember to add protein to your meal!” But, why? Protein is an obvious staple in diets, but how can it benefit our bodies in the long run? There are many all-star reasons why choosing the right protein can create a healthier and long lasting life. Here are a few reasons for switching to a protein based diet will benefit you!

  • Helps build and develop muscles
  • Restores balance to your body like the brain and major organs
  • Boosts your immune system for when you get that Winter cold
  • Proven to help in the healing process of your body
  • Quickens the metabolism
  • Helps combat fatigue and grogginess
  • Can help with high blood pressure
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Healthline has a few more benefits to protein – check it out here

Choose Crickets as Your Protein

Adding crickets to your diet as a staple protein is the best decision you can make for your body. Not only are the health benefits award-winning, but the ethical and environmental rewards are just as credible. We understand that it may be difficult to wrap your head around crunching down on a cricket. But, Fit Cricket makes it easy to consume these creatures with their protein packed bars and powder. If you need a snack on the go, try the coconut lemon protein bar; or if you’re not tight for time, try adding a scoop of the protein powder to a smoothie in the morning!

Here’s why choosing crickets are beneficial for your future health:

  • Crickets are a superfood that contain all essential amino acids
  • 2x more protein than beef
  • Great for improved muscle mass
  • Slows aging
  • Helps balance a healthy brain and heart
  • More B12 than salmon or beef
  • 9x more Omega’s than wild salmon
The 3 kinds of Fit Cricket Protein Bars - Lemon coconut, chili chocolate, and apple pie

Try any of our products and let us know when you feel the power of protein!


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